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Traditional Roofing

Athena Developments Ltd. are experts in traditional roofing techniques.

A Secure Roof Will Add to the Value of Your Property

Most people know that a building’s foundations must be solid enough to support the structure above it.

Having a roof that is strong enough to protect it from the elements is equally as important. A secure roof will not just protect the structure below it but will also protect the investment made in your property, and can add to its existing value.

For repairs, weatherproofing, or a completely new roof, Athena Developments Ltd. have the expertise to ensure it has the durability and strength to protect you and your investment. Offering a range of traditional roofing services in the Rochdale, Greater Manchester area, we will work with you to discuss the best options available for your property.

Traditional Slate roofing services Rochdale Greater Manchester
Traditional Slate roofing services Rochdale Greater Manchester
Traditional Slate roofing services Rochdale Greater Manchester
Traditional Slate roofing services Rochdale Greater Manchester

Traditional Tile and Slate

While there are modern materials available offering cost-effective solutions for roofing, many existing UK homes have tiled and slate roofs. Even for new builds, many prefer the traditional appearance of a pitched tile or slate roof, and there may be design elements and surrounding structures that will determine that this type of roof be installed.

Whether you are looking for a repair, a section to be replaced or a completely new roof, Athena Developments Ltd’s experience means that you will receive the highest quality craftsmanship.

Slate and Tile roofing services rochdale greater manchester
Traditional Slate and Tile Roofing Services Rochdale Bury
Slate and Tile Roofing Services Rochdale Bury Manchester
Slate and Tile Roofers Rochdale and Bury

Traditional Felt and Asphalt Flat Roofs

Athena Developments Ltd. also offer traditional felt and asphalt flat roofing services which are a popular choice for both domestic and commercial properties. Offering durability and quick installation time, flat roofing can be found on small domestic structures as well as larger commercial ones.

Felt and asphalt are both used on flat roofs however the flexibility of felt and the way it is installed makes it more suitable for areas that have small slopes or irregularities in shape, and it is often used on garages and extensions. Asphalt is more suited to large flat areas and is also often used to cover external stairways and steps.

Deal With Your Roof Repairs Early

Whoever said “least said, soonest mended” did not have to deal with a roof repair! Small problems can rapidly become big ones with more costly repairs required if left unattended. If you have a small leak or a few loose tiles, it is better to get them looked at as early as possible to see if there is a bigger problem which needs to be addressed, or simply to prevent one from occurring.

Athena Developments Ltd. are happy to inspect any areas you feel may be of concern and can give you guidance on whether you need a simple repair or whether there is another solution you may need to consider.

Athena Developments Ltd specialises in complete Re-roofs, Roof/Chimney/Gutter Repairs, Loft Conversions and Roof insulation for private, commercial and industrial clients throughout Manchester and the North West, including Oldham, Middleton, Bury, and Rochdale. Athena developments Ltd. today for your free and professional quote.


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