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Liquid Roofing

Athena Developments Ltd. are experts in liquid roofing techniques.

Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing

For waterproofing new or refurbished roofs, Athena Developments Ltd. favour liquid roofing as one of the most cost-effective methods available.

Involving the application of a polyurethane liquid membrane, leading brands such as Enka and Sikalastic have developed a range of products suitable for use over most forms of traditional roofing material. Whether lead, concrete, asphalt, or felt, liquid membrane roofing can create a watertight seal and extend the life of your existing roof for about a quarter of the cost of replacing it.

Simply put, a cool liquid is applied to the surface area, drying rapidly to create a barrier protecting the materials underneath. In a matter of hours, it is waterproof and, in just 24 hours, the entire area is fully sealed. As it is quick drying, it can be applied all year round, making it ideal for application during the winter months.

Liquid Roofing Services Rochdale Bury and Manchester
Liquid Roofing Services Rochdale Bury and Manchester
Liquid Roofing Services Rochdale Bury and Manchester
Liquid Roofing Services Rochdale Bury and Manchester

Liquid Roofing for A Highly Durable Finish

Quicker and safer to apply than traditional asphalt or bitumen membranes, liquid roofing is highly durable against both high and low temperatures and can be used to waterproof new builds and as a preservation system for older roofs.

It is particularly useful for covering asbestos and preventing any degradation of asbestos tiles which can be a health hazard. Due to its method of application, it can be used on large areas or small ones and is ideal for covering exterior balconies and canopies. Get in touch with Athena Developments Ltd. in Rochdale for further information.

Liquid Roofing, The All Round Solution

Liquid roofing can also be applied to metal roofing and fixtures and is a simple solution for waterproofing areas such as guttering, pipes and other areas that can present problems with leaks. It is also ideal for use when creating a green roof where plants and vegetation growing mean that the retention of rainwater is used to provide moisture. Using liquid roofing ensures that the rainwater stays on the plants and doesn’t seep through so that you can enjoy the benefits of a green roof with out any downsides.

With guarantees of up to 20 years by some manufacturers, liquid roofing is the most cost efficient way to waterproof your roof or guttering. Combined with the ease and speed of application, you are guaranteed value for money. Call Athena Developments Ltd. today to discuss how you can upgrade your roof with the minimum of expense. We will be happy to discuss large scale or small projects, both domestic and commercial.

Athena Developments Ltd specialises in complete Re-roofs, Roof/Chimney/Gutter Repairs, Loft Conversions and Roof insulation for private, commercial and industrial clients throughout Manchester and the North West, including Oldham, Middleton, Bury, and Rochdale. Athena developments Ltd. today for your free and professional quote.


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