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Cherry Picker

Athena Developments Ltd. are experts in traditional roofing techniques.

A Cherry Picker Will Save You Time and Money

When repairing or retiling roofs on taller or older buildings, some areas can be hard to access with ladders or traditional scaffolding.

Using a cherry picker means that no matter how steep the pitch of the roof, or difficult the angle of the repair, Athena Developments Ltd. can reach it.

Particularly suitable for high chimneys or guttering on old houses, cherry pickers can also reach inaccessible areas such as roofs obstructed by glass conservatories. For smaller jobs and inspections on taller buildings, a cherry picker means you can avoid the costs and time involved in erecting scaffolding.

Cherry Picker Roofing Services Rochdale Bury and Manchester
Cherry Picker Roofing Services Rochdale Bury and Manchester
Cherry Picker Roofing Services Rochdale Bury and Manchester
Cherry Picker Roofing Services Rochdale Bury and Manchester

Cherry Pickers Provide That All Important Safety Measure

While dealing with buildings in heavily pedestrianised areas, using a cherry picker means that any downtime or disruption is kept to a minimum, which can be an issue when repairing buildings that are commercial in nature. In these cases, consideration also needs to be given to the safety of passers-by. Accordingly, they are particularly suitable when inspecting or repairing retail premises, hotels, schools, libraries, or other buildings where there are likely to be members of the general public in close proximity.

Cherry pickers also offer a safer alternative for buildings with lower load bearing capacities that cannot support heavy scaffolding. This makes them ideal for use when Athena Developments Ltd. are repairing or inspecting older buildings, especially fragile structures that are listed or have preservation orders attached to them. Conversely, they are also useful when inspecting or repairing contemporary buildings which are often made from more lightweight materials and have features or are structured in a way that makes them unsuitable for supporting scaffolding.

Ease of Access With A Cherry Picker On Site

Cherry pickers are used by Athena Developments Ltd. to provide ease of access with minimum interference, making them ideal for using when trying to reach roofs where direct access can be an issue such as infill developments in urban areas or terraced houses. In some cases, scaffolding may impact the immediate environment or may be more complex where the building is on a gradient, or the ground may not be ideal for supporting it. In these cases using a cherry picker can help make the job more expedient and cost-efficient.

Call Athena Developments Ltd. if you have a query about any hard-to-reach areas on your roof that you feel might benefit from an inspection or repair. By using a cherry picker and a fully qualified operator, Athena Developments Ltd. can investigate the areas of concern to ensure you proceed with the full facts and minimum expense from the start.

Athena Developments Ltd specialises in complete Re-roofs, Roof/Chimney/Gutter Repairs, Loft Conversions and Roof insulation for private, commercial and industrial clients throughout Manchester and the North West, including Oldham, Middleton, Bury, and Rochdale. Athena developments Ltd. today for your free and professional quote.


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